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Saturday, March 2, 2019
A garrote or garrote vil is a weapon, most often a handheld ligature of chain, rope , scarf, wire or fishing line used to strangle a person. Description: Salvador Puig Antich and Heinz Ches, the last garroted in Spain March 2nd, Headsman On this date in , in the face of an international controversy, Spain executed anarchist Salvador Puig Antich — the very last execution by garrote. Handsome young Salvador radicalized as a youth in the s under the oppressive semi-fascist Franco dictatorship. But his defense that his own gun discharged only as he was beaten senseless by the gendarmes never had a chance, since between arrest and trial, another set of proscribed leftists assassinated Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco. So there was no quarter forthcoming from the Spanish regime, notwithstanding domestic general strikes and worldwide gnashing of teeth.
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A garrote or garrote vil a Spanish word; alternative spellings include garotte and similar variants [1] is a weapon , most often a handheld ligature of chain, rope, scarf, wire or fishing line used to strangle a person. A garrote can be made out of many different materials, including ropes, cable ties , fishing lines, nylon, guitar strings, telephone cord or piano wire. A stick may be used to tighten the garrote; the Spanish word actually refers to the stick itself, so it is a pars pro toto where the eponymous component may actually be absent. In Spanish, the term may also refer to a rope and stick used to constrict a limb as a torture device. Since World War II, the garrote has been regularly employed as a weapon by soldiers as a silent means of killing sentries and other enemy personnel.
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Erotic execution by spanish garrote

Age: Real BDSM Tube; The garrote, also known as garrote vil, a more humane method of execution was sought and various improvements to the garrote were made. The Spanish version was perfected for this instrument to be.
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Erotic photos of spanish garrote vil. Recommend For You. From: Latika.
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